In the course of controlled substance monitoring, you will identify individuals that require a deeper investigation.  And no matter how mature your program is, you will, from time to time, get tips from staff about suspicious behavior or from patients and their families complaining that they are still in pain after taking their medication.  As the investigator, following up on those leads and diving deeper into the allegations takes a lot of time just to make a determination to either clear the individual, or to move forward with your investigation.

With HelioMetrics Investigation Dashboard alone, you can select the healthcare worker’s name and date range and the dashboard quickly populates with key information about the drug handling performance and how they are measuring up against their peers and organization policies.

The HelioMetrics Drug Diversion Investigation Module automates the investigation and reduces the time spent on the process from months to minutes.

One Pain of Glass

We all have had to jump between multiple screens and software programs and it is no fun, time consuming and can lead to confusion.  The Investigation dashboard puts all the important information on one page.  Compare suspected diverters against organizational policies, peers in their department, peers at other facilities, and review their own trend information, making the investigation effortless and you more efficient.

Patient Drug History

You get a tip from a patient or a family member that diversion might be happening but most times patients don’t know the names of all the staff attending to them during their stay. Our Patient Drug History dashboard allows you to conveniently see all the healthcare staff that had any interaction with medication for a specific patient.  Simply choose the patient name to see what was happening with that patient’s medication from order, dispense, administer to waste and everything in-between.

Visualize the Data

As with all the HelioMetrics solutions, we bring the data to life through vibrant interactive reports and visualizations.  We provide the right information and correlations to the people that need it, identify patterns, trends, anomalous behavior, and monitor your policies so when a diverter is identified, you’ll know the who, what and when.  But don’t worry, if you like looking at spreadsheets, we also include a spreadsheet view on our pages so that you can “see the details” that you are currently used to using.

Customizable Workflow

Everyone has a level of comfort with what they do on a daily basis, which is why HelioMetrics integrates within your current workflow.  The dashboards, visualizations, drill downs and filters are all customizable to your needs.  If you don’t have a workflow, HelioMetrics has default settings to get you started.

Do you currently use spreadsheets and other tools to help with your diversion detection?  We can take those spreadsheets that are part of your current workflow and automate them for you, building them into the HelioMetrics Healthcare Analytics interface.

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