Simplifying the Complexity of Investigating Controlled Substance Diversions in Healthcare

Diversion of controlled substances can occur anywhere in the pharmaceutical supply line, but more predominantly in hospital pharmacies and healthcare delivery. HelioMetrics Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Analytics Software can help speed up identification of drug diversion activity, accelerate your diversion investigations and reduce associated drug diversion costs in healthcare.

Look in the news and you are sure to find something about the “opioid epidemic” and how there are problems everywhere with healthcare workers and pharmacists stealing these and other drugs.  In some cases, the healthcare worker has even caused HIV and Hepatitis C concerns.  Some of these cases have moved into the legal world with hospitals facing hundreds of lawsuits from former patients.  Not to mention the fines that the DEA is now handing out.  The risk of drug diversion is real, not only from a patient safety issue, but from financial issues for the healthcare facility.

HelioMetrics Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Analytics Software is here to help.

Monitor Effectively

HelioMetrics Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Analytics Software offers the most effective solution in the market.  By utilizing data from multiple healthcare IT systems, HelioMetrics leverages historical and contextual information to create signature profiles of normal behavior by facility, clinical area, role and user to monitor and detect when there is anomalous behavior.

Traditionally, during an Rx Drug Diversion Investigation, you have to pull data from multiple IT systems in different file formats and screens.  We simplify that by showing everything needed with one interface.

Visualize Data

From the years testifying in court, on computer based crimes as expert witnesses, we have learned that the best way to get a point across to people is with visual aids.  That is why HelioMetrics is a visualization platform.  Without some form of visualization, it is very difficult to identify patterns and trends buried within the vast amounts of data involved in a drug diversion investigation. It’s this data that holds key details for identifying and catching a drug diverter.

The goal of a diverter is to try hide their diversion behavior with what looks like normal patient care. Intuitive interfaces, graphical indicators and normalized data makes identifying suspicious behavior easier than ever before. In addition, the systems drill down capabilities allow for the display of individual transactions all in one interface.

But, don’t worry, if you like looking at spreadsheets, we also include a spreadsheet view on our pages so that you can “see the details” that you are currently used to using.

Executive Dashboards

Every organization has policies, but most don’t know how they are measuring up to them.  How are you currently identifying your medication data system holes?  How are you meeting your policy metrics? Proving compliance is critical to your organization.

HelioMetrics Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Analytics Software executive level dashboards are the answer.  Customizable to your organization’s policies, easy and intuitive to use, and developed for management; the dashboards give a quick visual representation of organizational compliance, from the facility level down to the individual users, for prescription drug handling, including dispense, administer and waste activities.

Customizable Workflow

Everyone has a level of comfort with what they do on a daily basis, which is why HelioMetrics integrates within your current workflow.  The dashboards, visualizations, drill downs and filters are all customizable to your needs.  If you don’t have a workflow, HelioMetrics has default settings to get you started.

Do you currently use spreadsheets and other tools to help with your diversion detection?  We can take those spreadsheets that are part of your current workflow and automate them for you, building them into the HelioMetrics Healthcare Rx Drug Diversion Analytics Software interface.

Discrepancy Reconciliation

The most common complaint we hear from clients: “The bulk of my time is spent on the reconciliation of eMAR and override discrepancies.”  We heard the complaint and developed a way to speed up the reconciliation process, or eliminate it all together (if everyone is following policy), so that you can spend time identifying diverters or doing your other job responsibilities.

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