Diversion of controlled substances can occur anywhere in the pharmaceutical supply line.  Unfortunately, most drug diversion monitoring solutions look at just the logs from the automatic dispensing cabinets (ADC) and shows the staff that dispenses, administers and wastes drugs from those cabinets.  With HelioMetrics, we monitor the entire supply chain of the pharmacy, starting with the order and ending with the consumption or expiration of the drugs in our Pharmacy Module of our Drug Diversion Software Solution.

With this extra visibility, you are able to detect areas of vulnerability throughout the pharmacy.  Take the guesswork out of understanding the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle.  Efficiently identify areas of weakness. Identify opportunities for efficiency. Solidify organizational compliance, all while identifying anomalous behavior and suspect diversion activity within the pharmacy.

Monitor Effectively

HelioMetrics Pharmacy Drug Diversion Analytics Software offers the most effective and comprehensive solution in the market.    By utilizing data from multiple pharmacy IT systems, HelioMetrics leverages historical and contextual information to create signature profiles of normal behavior by facility, clinical area, role and user to monitor and detect when there is anomalous behavior.

Traditionally, during an investigation, you have to pull data from multiple pharmacy IT systems in different file formats and screens.  We simplify that by showing everything needed with one interface.

Visualize Data

HelioMetrics bring your data to life through easy to see and understand visualizations.  We provide correlations, identifying patterns and trends in the vast amounts of data that hold key details for identifying a pharmacy drug diverter.

The goal of a diverter is to try to hide their diversion behavior with what looks like normal workflow within the pharmacy. Intuitive interfaces, graphical indicators and normalized data makes identifying suspicious behavior easier than ever before. In addition, the systems drill down capabilities allow for the display of individual transactions all in one interface.

Without some form of visualization, it is very difficult to identify patterns and trends buried within the vast amounts of data involved in a drug diversion investigation. It’s this data that holds key details for identifying and catching a diverter within the pharmacy.

If you like looking at spreadsheets, don’t worry, we also include a spreadsheet view on our pages so that you can “see the details” that you are currently used to using.

Executive Dashboards

HelioMetrics Pharmacy Drug Diversion Analytics Software executive dashboards are customizable to your organization’s policies.  Intuitive to use, the dashboard provides immediate insights that give you the ability to work faster and gives your organization a competitive edge you didn’t have before.

Customizable Workflow

Everyone has a level of comfort with what they do on a daily basis, which is why HelioMetrics integrates within your current workflow.  The dashboards, visualizations, drill downs and filters are all customizable to your needs.  If you don’t have a workflow, HelioMetrics has default settings to get you started.

Do you currently use spreadsheets and other tools to help with your diversion detection?  We can take those spreadsheets that are part of your current workflow and automate them for you, building them into the HelioMetrics Pharmacy Drug diversion Analytics interface.

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