How do you know if your current drug diversion polices are effective?

Everyone is trying to do a better job monitoring for drug diversion.  It is becoming a priority within healthcare organizations to put effective policies and procedures in place regarding controlled substances. The challenge is, how do you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of those policies and procedures?

You have six different facilities and hundreds of staff members with access to ordering, dispensing, administering and wasting/returning medication, not to mention the pharmacy staff that order and inventory the medication and keep the automated dispensing cabinets (ADC) filled.  Pulling all of this data together would be a full time job for one, or more people.

The answer? HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics.  The system includes an executive scorecard which provides management a quick visual representation of organizational compliance from the system level down to the user level. This scorecard is customizable to your organization’s policies and procedures, giving you the ability to easily see what policies are being met by your system, by individual facility, by clinical unit, and by individual users, all  with a click of a button. Quickly analyze, visually, who is doing what, when, where, with any controlled substance.

HelioMetrics executive scorecard shows management where their concerns should lie. HelioMetrics identifies healthcare controlled substance system weaknesses, allowing the organization to identify changes to policies and procedures where needed.