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FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — A registered nurse in Franklin faces criminal charges after authorities say she stole prescription pain medication while on the clock, to feed her addiction.

Jill R. Swhier, 34, allegedly stole from patients at Homeview Health and Rehabilitation Center on State Street near Palmer in Franklin. The case is being handled by the attorney general’s office. Swhier faces one felony charge of prescription fraud and one misdemeanor charge of theft.

Investigators believe Swhier stole hydrocodone pain pills, primarily from two patients, at least 47 times during a two-week period from May 1-15.

“These other individuals that are sick need it more than the person who wants to get high,” said Franklin resident David Park.

According to court documents, Swhier wasn’t caught. She went to the director of nursing on May 15 and told her that she had a prescription drug problem and that she had been stealing pain pills from the facility. Swhier allegedly handed over two pills she had taken earlier that day and asked for help.

Franklin residents who spoke to News 8 were torn on what they believe should happen to Swier next.

“She does need help,” said Johnson County resident Demetrius Coklow. “That makes it different. She admitted that she needed help. That does make it look a lot different.”

But Park wasn’t so forgiving: “Instant firing. You’re stealing from other patients that need it, just so you can fix your own feed for medication. You’re fired.”

According to court documents, Swhier was not fired but has been suspended. Swhier has been employed by Homeview for about 1.5 years.

“That person got a problem, then why are we hiring people that got problems?” Coklow asked.

When News 8 knocked on Swhier’s door Thursday, no one answered. When News 8 called Homeview, the person who handles media request hung up on us.