Simplifying the Complexity of Investigating Controlled Substance Diversions in Healthcare.

Rx Drug Diversion in hospitals - monitor and detect diversion Diversion of controlled substances can occur anywhere in the pharmaceutical supply line, but more predominantly in pharmacies and hospitals. HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics can help in identifying drug diversion activity, accelerate your diversion investigations and reduce associated drug diversion costs.

As more automation moves into the complex information technology environment within healthcare, the ability to divert drugs is increasing. With data for the ordering, dispensing and administration of pharmaceuticals managed by your EHR and Automated Dispensing Cabinets, hospitals can be lulled into a false sense of security regarding employees’ ability to divert medications. According to a 2010 study by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, approximately 15% of healthcare staff struggle with drug dependence at some point in their career.

These are quotes on HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion by Hospitals. "With HelioMetrics, we can cut hundreds of hours out of our drug diversion investigation process." - Drug Diversion Investigator, Level 1 Trauma Center "HelioMetrics allows my staff to get back to doing the job I hired them to do, instead of always trying to make heads or tails of ADC logs." - Director of Pharmacy, 500+ Bed Hospital HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics allows for better “operational efficiency for quality and patient safety” - CNO, Level 1 Trauma Hospital

HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics
• Proactive behavior analytics and monitoring
• Simplify detection of potential diversion
• Early intervention of diversion cases
• Customizable dashboards
• Optimize workflow for your environment
• Easy discrepancy and override resolution
• Strengthen Compliance
• Discourages diversion through education and awareness

Impact on Institution
• Improve Patient Safety
• Reduce Costs
• Limit Liability – Civil and Regulatory
• Enhance Reputation

HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics creates a comprehensive way to monitor, detect, prevent and respond to drug diversions. This gives facilities the ability to monitor all access using behavioral analysis by individual, role, department/floor and facility.

HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics automates controlled substance monitoring and provides enhanced reporting capabilities, while simultaneously reducing the organization’s workload.

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